Kachchh is an Ancient land; its main history is historical period. It is known as Kachchh due to its Geographical Characteristics and due to its turtle-like shape. This name is in existence in ancient history. Millionths in his Bhashya Sanjivani on Amarkosh has referred to it as moistures land in lower allow or wasteland. This name is found in various water taken by foreign visitors about this region or in stone carvings, bronze carving, old writing or hand written mannscripts.

Before rise at Christian era this region situated between Saurashtra and Sindh was described as Abhari, and this name is form in Mohabhaeor also. The Greek visitor and military captain also spoiled the original name of Abhir during second century B.C. and referred it to as Abiriya or Abhir up to third or fourth century A. C. and thereafter also both in names of Abhir and are used. Earlier the Abhir people settled here and hence the region was known as Abhir in earlier period. Because of unique geographical situation with water and wetland around it.

The administrative background of Kachchh seems little confused. The Land is occupied by different people since Ancient period who came from north and east. During he known period of History, it has remained under control of various dynasties ruling over Sindh and Gujarat. It was also a part of Maurya Dynasty, There after; it was under control of Teshak, Kshatrap, Gupta, Haiych etc. Thereafter, the Maitrak, Gurjar, Chalukya, Chowda, Solanki, Kathi and other rulers of Gujarat ruled over it.

Thus, Kachchh had very close relations with Gujarat and the stream of its history has offered on this region.The history of Kachchh can be divided into two periods the ancient and modern or the period starting from 14th Century of Jadeja denasty, and the period thereafter. When the sama Rajput rulers of Sindh won the Kachchh region, a separate state of Kachchh came into existence during 14th century. In ancient Hindu writings, this region is referred as land on sea-shore or desert area.

The earlier history of Kachchh is formed in Greek literature.During 142-124 B.C., Kachchh was a part of Mahendra state which covered the area from Yamuna Saurashtra. Immediately hereafter, (120 B.C.) the Greeks were thrown away from Backtriyan Empire. The Shakar or many people settled in Kachchh and North Gujarat during 56 B.C. Vikramaditya defeated them. They returned between 20 to 30 years and Choketstin established his empire.

The Partisan had there power between Sindh to South Bharuch. They were defeated in first century. During 1st century A.C. Plins (77 A.C.) refered to about Odambary. They belong to Kachchh. The Amardas described by Pitilemi (150 A.C.) must be their hoad quarter. Another reference about Kachchh indicates that Kachchh was given to Charan people during. Telugu’s publicity, (IC 714D Chasdan were another main population of Kachchh, During this peiriod Arabs had started their attacks on Kathiawad and Gujarat border. They had captured Sindh. They stated to stay an sea shore of Kachchh during 9th century.

There is reference about Kachchh in Albirni (970-1034) and as described in it one branch of river Sindhu meets the Sindh sea an Kachchh border. Bhimdev 1st of Anhilwad had run away before mohmad Gazani came to Kachchh (1022-1072D By he end of the century, the forth prime Sumara Sindhar had Manikbai in his possession. next