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Kutchh district has its own position and is surrounded by adverse circumstances; kutchh district is one of the border district of the state.

A programme to cover all primary, secondary schools and anganwadi centers has been undertaken with a view to relieve children of 9 to 10 years from ailments that may be cured by treatment and may be diagnosed easily under school health examination scheme and in special cases, total treatment and counseling of the defects diagnosed may be available from treatment centers.
General purpose of the programme is as under:


Diagnosis of ailments generally seen among primary and secondary school children should be completed in specified period.


Medical examination of the children should be made by proper reference services and they should be encouraged to get separate referral services.


Proper understanding may be created in the society by examples of primary school children and demand for available services may be created in the society for public acceptance.


Detailed examination, treatment and follow-up may be arranged for more needy children in referral service centers e.g. kindly, heart, cancer diagnosis of eye diseases and distribution of Spectacles .


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