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Kutchh district is situated in Agro-climatic zone, Dantiwada. Average rainfall since last ten year is 385.1 mms. Climates of Kutchh district are unequal. The region is known as Kutchh in entire Gujarat. There is sandy, loamy alkaline (bhasmik) type of land in the district. Even though the land is fertile, it has more productivity. Groundnut, Pulses, Cotton-seeds, Caster-seeds, Serame, Bajri, Wheet, Mustard, Vegetables, Fruit-bearing trees are principle crops of this area.
Agriculture is a main occupation in Kutchh district. As it is a vast district, agricultured crops are grown under various effects of climate crops like Bajri, Groundnut, Cotton Seeds, Pulses, Jowar, Castor-seeds are sown in Kharif season in Kutchh district, while Wheat, Mustard, Isabgol, Camin and vegetables are sown in winter season, but groundnut, bajri are sown in summer.

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