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Vasectomy/ Tubectomy

Name of the Scheme

Vasectomy / Tubectomy

When did the scheme commence?

It is operatiaralised

Purpose of the scheme

Under National Family Welfare Programme the increasing level of population is harmful to development of nation. In order to maintain the balance and in order to provide qualitative family welfare services to people well in the their programme is in operation.

Information the scheme

  1. Vasectomy : Under present rules, cell the beneficiaries of vasectomy operation are given Rs.11000/- cash as motivation.
  2. Under tubectomy programme, there are two provisions: (1) B.P.L./S.C./ S.T. beneficiary (2) APL beneficiary If BPL/SC/ST beneficiary goes for a tubectomy operation, government provides cash motivation charge at Rs.600/- If an APL beneficiary goes for tubectomy operation, the beneficiary is provided cash motivation charge at Rs.250/-

The motivator charges for tubectomy operation is Rs.150/-

Who may avail benefit of the scheme who should be contacted for it? Give details

Vasectomy/ Tubectomy
The benefit of the scheme is available to BPL/ APL/SC/ST beneficiaries.
For in formation about the schem one can contact/ personally beet sub-center/ primary/ Health center/ Government Dispensary/ approved family welfare services (private) or Block health offices.

Eligibility of beneficiary for the scheme

The beneficiary should be a married person.

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