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Branch Activities

Functions of the branch
The head of this branch is Deputy D.D.O. (Revenue).
To decide the revenue demands and make collection that of.
To deploy land for agricultural and non-agricultures purpose; to give sanctions as per government rules and to allot the plots from village land to needy persons for housing purpose as per government rules.
To start works to normalize the peoples lives during natural calamities such as works against food and providing employment during scarecity.
To provide employment by starting relief works during scarecity; to make replacement of people of safe place during natural calamities to distribute cash dolls, house hold kits and to provide assistance for damage being done to both kutcha and pucca buildings, as per government rules and to make payment for loss to human lives and animal lives.
To control against unauthorized encroachment in public property land under government controls unauthorized encroachment or village panchayat land and to make procedure as per rules.

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